advantages and disadvantages of 5g network in india

Disadvantages of 5G on environment

In today's time, technology has gone so far that everyone is now thinking of going to space because in today's time people also believe that with the help of technology, humans can go to space, you must have seen that when If a person goes to space, he knows only by connecting to the person because of the internet.

We all know that nasa which is a space company of America, it is said that the internet speed of NASA is very high which has been achieved by sending its set light, by the way let us tell you that the speed of only one second of NASA is 91. gigabits per second

By sending his rocket, he clicks all kinds of pictures of space only because of the internet, but today's question is not ours at all, today's topic is that what benefit people have got to see due to the arrival of 5G and human beings. what damage has been seen

First of all, let us know what is the benefit of 5g.

1. In today's time, there are many such offices in India that do their work only because of internet connection, so many types of such offices will be promoted and they will do their work very quickly.

2. As we all know that digital India is being focused in India, in which your UPI payment and electronic payment are being emphasized. India's largest companies Paytm and phonepe contributed a lot in promoting electronic payment in India and now google is also being used in google pay India, so payment will be done at the speed of 5g.

3. Airport banks and government office will get a big boost in India, many people are engaged in long lines at the airport, due to the speed of 5g for boarding pass, they will get benefit.

4. People like those who are traders and brokers of the stock market in India will get a lot of benefits because a trader needs good high-speed internet.

5. In India, many people take online classes on the Internet, as we know that very big companies like byju and unacademy give online classes on websites, these people will get benefit due to 5g speed.

6. There are many other people who will get to see their work faster because of the internet, nowadays online shopping has become a very big market in India, which is covered by big companies like flipkart, meesho, and amazon. The user will also get to see the benefit of 5G.

Disadvantages of 5g

1. As we know that everyone has two sides, right or wrong, in the same way, let us tell you that 5g has its benefits as well as its disadvantages are terrible, let's know.

2. During the test of 5g, more than 300 birds were killed at the place where it was tested and so the radiation emitted through it is harmful to the bird.

3. Radiation of 5g is harmful to birds as well as it is more harmful to humans. A speed ​​of 5g is good but its radiation is more likely to cause serious diseases like c  ancer.

4. Due to the fast 5g speed, people who are used to playing more games can get addicted to even more games.

5. People who spend many many hours on the internet throughout the day will get more benefit of 5g and waste more of their time.

6. Problems caused by 5g may be more like cancer, and heart problems, problems caused by radiation may be more likely


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