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who is best market stock market vs forex market ?

 In today's time there are many people who like to go to web series movie cinema club pub and why not because when your mind needs rest then you can go to such a place to calm your mind. But because of the rule, such a habit seems to be very quick. In today's time, everyone wants millions of wishes, but how to earn crores, people know this lot. From 2019 to 2022, India is at the forefront of the number of almost illiterate country according to the According to survey and Canada is the only country which is the most First place in the number of countries with more educated We are not talking about studies today, today we will give you some basic information about futures and options of forex market and stock market, we will not talk about forex market today because Let us tell you that the Forex market is the world's largest market, which is where the currency of all the world's currency fluctuates and trading through PIPS has profit and loss. This forex market is ope

advantages and disadvantages of 5g network in india

Disadvantages of 5G on environment In today's time, technology has gone so far that everyone is now thinking of going to space because in today's time people also believe that with the help of technology, humans can go to space, you must have seen that when If a person goes to space, he knows only by connecting to the person because of the internet. We all know that nasa which is a space company of America, it is said that the internet speed of NASA is very high which has been achieved by sending its set light, by the way let us tell you that the speed of only one second of NASA is 91. gigabits per second By sending his rocket, he clicks all kinds of pictures of space only because of the internet, but today's question is not ours at all, today's topic is that what benefit people have got to see due to the arrival of 5G and human beings. what damage has been seen First of all, let us know what is the benefit of 5g. 1. In today's time, there are many such offices i