did you know about blockchain technology ? Blockchain Technology INVENT?

did you know about blockchain technology ?

If you know about bitcoin then you must want to know about the blockchain for sure because someone wants to know more and more about bitcoin so that he can invest in bitcoin i.e. cryptocurrency and become rich in a very short time.

It has also been proved that ever since bitcoin and cryptocurrency have come onto the market, there has been an increase in the number of rich people, you must have heard much news, we have also told a story.

A delivery boy in America who is 22 years old, he started saving money and started learning more and more about cryptocurrency, he said that the boy's name is Michal, he told that after finishing the delivery job, he Used to spend the whole night reading about crypto and even depositing some money.

Then one day he took leave from his job and then he put all his earnings into cryptocurrency and seeing his luck changed on the same day the cryptocurrency boom was seen and that boy earned 35 crores in one stroke and came on the list of a rich man 

There are millions of such stories that changed their luck through hard work and mind, let us tell you that cryptocurrency is like a kind of stock market, but some rules of cryptocurrency are different, which today we are going to tell you in this post. First of all let us know who invented Blockchain Technology, what is Blockchain and how it works and

Blockchain Technology INVENT?

By the way, let us tell you that Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin, but Satoshi Nakamoto is also called the inventor of the blockchain and according to the source, it is also said that Satoshi Nakamoto is actually no one, just it has been made a character. that they have invented 

And let us tell you that one of the main reasons behind creating the blockchain was Satoshi Nakamoto, which is that this blockchain should not come with any government and no person should have any kind of access to the bank or its money, decentralized Bitcoin. ledger—the blockchain that has given the right to control people's money so that third parties of which banks or governments cannot access or monitor

You must be thinking that this normal bank form is not filled, it has to face many types of difficulties and Satoshi Nakamoto has invented a complete blockchain system. Satoshi Nakamoto is Japanese, it is said that actually it is or No, no proof has been found

what is blockchain technology?  

If cryptocurrency is really running in the market, there is only one reason behind it to maintain the blockchain. is its manager a volume blockchain

Blockchain technology is about to transform our IT industry the way open-source software did a decade ago. And just as Linux has been the core of modern application development for almost a decade, Blockchain is also going to be a great way to share information in the coming times, and it will be low-cost and very easy to implement. Can be done between open and private networks. It is so strong that it cannot even be hacked away from being touched by a common hacker.

But there was a lot of hype among the people about Blockchain Technology because they felt that it can completely change our future technology and if seen, it can be difficult to understand Blockchain even to some extent. That's why block chain works on a kind of technology and there are many types of pearl books on it, so we can't understand it completely, but we can know the basic thing about how the block chain works. what is block technology


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