Advantages & disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence? AI is dangerous for human ?

What are the disadvantages of Artificial intelligence?

Whenever people talk about saving time, then technology shows a lot of importance in it because it is only technology that can save time in the true sense, if we see, we get our goods after the first hour of time in the market. And if the festival comes by mistake, then it becomes difficult to get the goods you want.

But due to technology, in today's time, Amazon, Flipkart and many other online companies of the world have shown that online goods can also save time, in the same way, artificial intelligence is also working in today's time, many people probably think this. Don't know what is AI

What is AI ?

Let us tell you that AI is such a robotic programming computer that is more capable than humans, when NASA sent an AI to space before doing its Apollo mission, that is, there was such a machine that it landed, The air of space, whether there is water on the soil space or not, all these were resolved, but the orbit of space is made.

It is a programming robotic machine, it has a camera and it is controlled all the way, but now many scientists say that very soon, to save the time of human beings are going to build a robotic AI.

Rather, an AI has also been invented which looks exactly like a human and works like a human.

If we are talking about AI and we are not talking about a quantity of robots in the world, yes there is a robot in the world that understands the human feeling, its name is sophia, which was invented in the United States of America. This sophia AI robot is so capable that it can answer all kinds of human questions and you can watch the interview of sophia AI robot on youtube.

Now the question comes that what is the harm of AI, then tell you that AI is being made for humans so that it can save time, but let me tell you that there may come a time that AI can control the person completely. could

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

AI, if launched in the country now, can affect the jobs of a lot of people.

Let us tell you that Facebook put two robots face to face for a botchet and they were tested that how a robotic Chet bot can be made but you will be surprised to hear that initially everything was going well but they were both robots. had invented a code language that only robots could understand, for some time nothing was detected

But when the robotic engineer came to know, then the mission of this botchet had to be stopped and let us tell you that even humans are not able to understand these robotic languages ​​and the computer was turned off with great difficulty.

That's why AI can be very dangerous for humans, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg himself asked to stop this mission and tell you that ELON MUSK, the world's most advanced men, also says that artificial intelligent is this. dangerous to the world

And many engineer scientists also say that human beings are not capable enough that they can handle artificial intelligence and maintain them.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has many benefits, in today's time Siri Alexa and Google assistance is a kind of artificial intelligence, it is having a very good effect on everyone's life, we can take any information at any time.

Artificial intelligence has come so far that elon musk's Tesla car which is an artificial intelligence car, it is a drive less car, it is an auto pilot in the car, you can go to your place without driving, all these types of work is an artificial Intelligence only does Tesla CEO Elon Musk, even after making Tesla car, he says that AI is the most dangerous for humans

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