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did you know about blockchain technology ? Blockchain Technology INVENT?

did you know about blockchain technology ? If you know about bitcoin then you must want to know about the blockchain for sure because someone wants to know more and more about bitcoin so that he can invest in bitcoin i.e. cryptocurrency and become rich in a very short time. It has also been proved that ever since bitcoin and cryptocurrency have come onto the market, there has been an increase in the number of rich people, you must have heard much news, we have also told a story. A delivery boy in America who is 22 years old, he started saving money and started learning more and more about cryptocurrency, he said that the boy's name is Michal, he told that after finishing the delivery job, he Used to spend the whole night reading about crypto and even depositing some money. Then one day he took leave from his job and then he put all his earnings into cryptocurrency and seeing his luck changed on the same day the cryptocurrency boom was seen and that boy earned 35 crores in one st

Advantages & disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence? AI is dangerous for human ?

What are the disadvantages of Artificial intelligence? Whenever people talk about saving time, then technology shows a lot of importance in it because it is only technology that can save time in the true sense, if we see, we get our goods after the first hour of time in the market. And if the festival comes by mistake, then it becomes difficult to get the goods you want. But due to technology, in today's time, Amazon, Flipkart and many other online companies of the world have shown that online goods can also save time, in the same way, artificial intelligence is also working in today's time, many people probably think this. Don't know what is AI What is AI ? Let us tell you that AI is such a robotic programming computer that is more capable than humans, when NASA sent an AI to space before doing its Apollo mission, that is, there was such a machine that it landed, The air of space, whether there is water on the soil space or not, all these were resolved, but the orbit of

what is needed to play virtual reality games? How much do the virtual reality games cost?

 Is Virtual Reality games good for Health In today's time, technology is increasing its form very fast, the reason for that is also a technology i.e. a men which is making the work of others easier, such as people save time due to motorcycles and in that time they can save their time. Playing a phone or playing a video game In today's time, there are many such games that when you sit to play. So you do not know the time, how the time has passed. In the present time, Virtual Reality Games is taking a bigger and bigger form at a faster rate. In earlier games, you used to sit for hours only due to which you had to face many problems but Virtual Reality games are one such game.  Which with the exercise of your brain, you can do your physical exercise, Virtual Reality games are most played in America and Russia right now Virtual Reality games in every 10th house in America Virtual Reality games are now available in all countries. Has gone But right now a lot of people play these